About lensomats

About Lensomats
Fast. Easy. Next to you.
Hundreds of lensomats near you to make your purchase experience as convenient as possible.
60 seconds is the time you need to complete a purchase. All popular lenses are always available on stock.
500+ lensomats in 3 cities
500+ lensomats
in 3 cities
Pay with credit cards
Pay with
credit cards
250+ working 24/7
250+ working

Lensomat is an automatic machine, developed specifically to bring you the fastest and easiest way to buy contact lenses. You no longer need to go anywhere, talk to people, order or wait - we have already made all that for you!

Hundreds of lensomats are there for you anywhere you need them - in supermarkets, shopping malls, gas stations and transfer hubs.

We did our best to make your purchase experience as convenient as possible. Easy as one, two and three: choose lenses you need, pay with method you like and take you lenses from the giveout tray. Looking for a better deal? Get special offers after every purchase!

All lensomats are connected to our monitoring and remote control system. We are ready to help you 24/7.

Best contact lenses from the world's leading manufacturers - Alcon and Johnson & Johnson - are always available on stock. Our company is one of the Russia's top-5 retailers of contact lenses. We sell a lot and under the close supervision of manufacturers. As the result, we are trusted and chosen by thousands of customers

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